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D. 202 launches Safe2Help Illinois crisis reporting system

District 202 is participating in a new statewide school safety program called Safe2Help Illinois.

This 24/7 helpline will offer students a safe, confidential way to share information on school safety issues.

Safe2Help Illinois was launched by the State of Illinois in December 2020 and aims to help prevent suicide, bullying, school violence and other threats to student safety.

“These are real concerns with our students and to have one place to seek help will be a great benefit,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Glenn Wood. “The safety of our staff and students will always be our top priority.”

With Safe2Help Illinois, students can connect with a trained crisis professional during their own crisis or report a potential threat.

Students can share an alert via the following ways:

Once vetted, the information will be immediately shared with District 202 school officials, mental health professionals, and/or local law enforcement, depending on the nature of the tip.

The program is not intended to punish, suspend, or expel students. Rather, the goal is to encourage students to “Seek Help Before Harm.”

District 202 staff and students will receive information about the Safe2Help Illinois program in January.

Students will view Safe2Help Illinois videos that are customized to their age level. 

Learn more about District 202 school safety resources at

Visit the Safe2Help Illinois website at

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