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D. 202 “InfoSnap” online registration starts March 1ST with  2018-19 full-day kindergarten, preschool students

Next year’s full-day kindergarten and new preschool students will be the first to use District 202’s new online “InfoSnap” registration system to sign up for the 2018-19 school year.

Students selected by the computerized lotteries for either the full day kindergarten program or the preschool lottery program will be able to use the new online registration system starting March 1, 2018.

Returning students and new District 202 students (other than full-day kindergarten and new preschool students selected in the lotteries) will be able to register online starting April 9, 2018.

All students returning next year to District 202 (including those who attended preschool this year and are picked for full-day kindergarten) will get a “Snap Code” to use for re-registration. “Snap Codes” will be sent via email or by regular mail to families without an email address on file.

Directions for new District 202 students to create accounts in the “InfoSnap” registration system will be available at schools, on the district website and all school websites and in paper registration materials.

Returning students will have to validate contact and medical information as part of the registration.

Starting in 2018-19, all students entering kindergarten, 6th and 9th grades must prove District 202 residency.

As in past years, all students on a lease or third party agreement will have to prove residency before the first day of school.